Pandemic Protocol

The club's priority before anything else is to keep its members safe. Considering the recent tier system and Covid-19 case levels several measures are being taken to ensure the health and safety of everyone who attends training or weekend events. This document aims to make clear some of the steps the Club is taking to keep members safe, as well as making clear what the expectations for coaches and club members.

Current organisational changes to club events

  1. Event sign-up sheet and declaration of Covid-19 symptoms and exposure.
  2. Training bubbles, with contact between bubbles being limited to 15 minutes of touch per session. Members of the same household where possible are placed in the same bubble.
  3. Sign up and track and trace sheet displayed at training, and requirement for members to complete this before participating.
  4. Sanitisation stations for members, and equipment. Events are paused every 15 minutes for sanitisation of equipment and hands.
  5. Certain members of the coaching staff have completed Covid-19 safety training courses.
  6. RFU and government guidelines are reviewed regularly by the committee and coaching staff to ensure compliance at a minimum. Before implementing any changes to our event organisation, or Covid-19 safety measures, committee members and coaching staff are to meet to agree on safe and practical alterations.

What should I do if I Test positive for Covid-19?

We will request that they do not attend training for 2 weeks. They can then return to training after the 2 weeks, providing they have not had a fever in the 48 hours prior to training.

What should I do if someone I live with tests positive for Covid-19?

We will request that you should not attend training for 2 weeks. They can then return to training after the 2 weeks, providing they have not had a fever in the 48 hours prior to training.

Who should I inform in either circumstance?

  1. We would appreciate if you could inform the Club chairman, they will then inform your training bubble. Your name or any other personal details will be kept private from your training bubble.
  2. Please be reassured that you are not required to disclose your Covid-19 test result to the Chairman if you test positive as it is your own private medical information. The club values confidentiality very highly and we do not want any member to feel that their privacy has been intruded upon.

What do we expect from our members with regards to the Covid-19 safety measures?

  1. That they complete the sign-up sheet and Covid-19 declaration before attending any club event.
  2. That they comply with social distancing at all time at training unless the training drill specifically prohibits this.
  3. That they sanitise your hands and equipment on arriving to a club event and on leaving a club event.
  4. That they sanitise your hands and equipment when instructed to by your coach, and at least every 15 minutes.
  5. That they do not share water bottles and other personal items with members of other households at club events.
  6. On arrival to a club event, members should head straight to the area of the pitch allocated to their bubble and to remain there throughout session.
  7. Members should avoid travelling to and from club events with anyone outside of their household.

What can our members expect from the coaches and committee with regards to Covid-19 safety measures?

  1. That we comply with latest government guidance.
  2. That we provide sanitisation stations and cleaning materials.
  3. That we plan sessions and events carefully to conform with social distancing and changing government and RFU guidance.
  4. That we support you and respond if you are concerned about any of the Covid-19 safety measures at a club event.
  5. That we keep any medical information provided to us with confidentiality.

We know this year has been tough on everyone, and now more than ever it is important for us to support everyone. The club has two designated safeguarding leads who can be contacted to talk about any issues. The conversations are completely confidential and judgement free. Moreover, any of the committee members, captains and coaches are open to talk should you wish. The best way to get through this year is as a team, and despite all the changes to training and matches, we are still a team, and we are still here for you whenever you need us.