Hadrian cup team photo

Staying in Touch

Training photo

2020 has been tough. Back in March we were still riding the amazing wave of holding the most successful Hadrian Cup in years and we were leading our division in the IGR.

But then Covid-19 hit the UK changing our plans of winning the league for the third year in a row.

As a club, we got through a difficult situation by keeping in touch digitally courtesy of some interactive games shows ran by some of our members, virtual awards ceremonies and endless HouseParty chats (remember that? Me neither, blame the gin!)

Training photo

But thankfully lockdown loosened and since then we have now held over twenty training sessions.

It started with focussing on mainly fitness sessions but since then we have been able to build in elements of touch.

It has been a bit of a learning curve for us picking up the rules for O2 Touch but it is a game we are already growing to love (a huge thank you to the coaches from the Percy Park Pirates for getting us up to speed).

bootcamp in line for a drill

When the current committee took over, we knew that we needed to continue the fantastic work of our predecessors, making sure that we were continuously checking in with members.

We love our members and in such unique circumstances, we wanted to make sure that they all felt supported and able to spend time with us.

This is why we chose to start our pre-season training much earlier than we would usually have – nobody was going on a nice summer holiday so we thought we would give members a reason to leave the house other than the weekly food shop.

all together at bootcamp

Summer is also a huge time for recruitment for us, but without a physical Northern Pride or being able to speak to new people in person we weren’t sure how this was going to go.

We were delighted when we recruited a similar number of people as usual despite the frankly horrific weather conditions at the first few bootcamp sessions.

It showed the amazing Ravens spirit from the newest members of our Rugby family and was only made possible thanks to our fantastic coaching team.

touch event

There was a strong chance that it could have been the last time that we saw each other in person for a while due to rumours of yet more restrictions.

However, we are currently in tier 2 of Covid-19 restrictions, so are pleased to be holding these on a fortnightly basis for the rest of the year.

These sessions are scheduled for October 31st, November 14th and November 28th.