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Looking Back Over Lockdown 3.0

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On December 30th we held our final training session of 2020, unaware that it would be the last session for over three months. We are easing out of lockdown now and are so excited to get back. But while it would have been easy for us to have a three month hibernation, we have still been working really hard to deliver a great experience for our members.

Liam teaching yoga

We have held a total of 24 online fitness sessions delivered by members of the club – ranging from Yoga, Abs blast and HIIT sessions. The club is so grateful to all our members who gave up their time to plan sessions and make sure we were still keeping active on Wednesdays and Saturdays, to ensure that we’re ready for rugby when we return at the end of March. A huge thank you to Liam, Gordon, Stu, John, Marc, Jamie, Robin, Mike and Bas for running these. We also had a fantastic modified Pilates session ran by Lesley from the Percy Park Pirates.

last training session in person

Lockdown isn’t a lockdown without Zoom and we put on various catch ups for the club, and even held joint events with the Hull Roundheads and Lancashire Typhoons, as well as joining events ran by the Berkshire Unicorns and Brighton and Hove Sea Serpents. These have really helped us keep in touch with each other. Before we get back, we still have a Drag-themed murder mystery coming up!

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A group of us watched Drag Race UK each week trying to recreate what we would have usually done over a few pints in a bar. We followed the highs and lows of Ginny Lemon walking off, UK Hun and the finale.

We also watched the Six Nations together each week giving us a chance to share some team spirit and for new players to have an opportunity to ask questions. We even had a Fantasy League running in the background – thanks to Liam for organising!

o2 touch rugby ball

Behind the scenes, we have been busy planning for the future and have recently had our application to Touch England accepted. We are really excited to launch our Touch Team and we are recruiting for new members of the team. If you are interested in joining us you can find out more here.